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At Consulting & Support Prawnicy UK we offer professional financial and legal advice done by a team of highly experienced legal professionals.

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The services we offer at Consulting & Support Prawnicy UK are not limited to one event category. We help our compatriots in England or Wales with every situation in which they feel like a victim. Our assistance also includes obtaining compensation for all accidents, e.g. in the workplace, in public places.

All unfortunate events can cause many types of injuries, so when you entrust us with a claim, you can be sure that your case will be dealt with by an attorney who specialises in dealing with this type of case.

Contact us today:

07500 123 146
0203 8118 618 (polish speaking line)

Contact us today:

07500 123 146
0203 8118 618
(polish speaking line)


Personal Injury Law

Road Traffic Accident Compensation

Medical Negligence

Last Will & Testament

Landlord & Tenant Law

Employment Law

Family Law

Consumer Law

Immigration Law, Deportation


Debt Management Plans

Income Protection

Life Insurance with Critical Illness

Building & Contents Insurance

Mortgage Application Advice


Our Primary Areas of Expertise

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Conveyancing refers to the legal process of transferring ownership of real estate from the current owner/s to a new owner/s. This most commonly involves the sale of real estate from a vendor (seller) to a purchaser (buyer).

Dealing with the steps involved in the purchaser granting a new mortgage over the property to a lender and possibly the discharge of an existing mortgage may also be involved in the conveyancing activity.


We advise you on all legal aspects of the house-buying, selling  including:

  • The nature of joint ownership and ownership in common
  • The nature of property searches and their limitations
  • Extending your residential lease
  • Concerns you may have such as the existence of a right of way
  • The enforceability of restrictive covenants
  • The nature of a seller’s duty of full and frank disclosure of past events when selling a property and the effect of concealing or misrepresenting material facts
  • Shared ownership
  • Buying Property From Housing Associations.

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Employment law

  • Preparing contracts of employment and contracts for services (for self-employed)
  • Advising on all aspects of contracts of employment
  • Advising on all aspects of wrongful dismissal, unfair dismissal and redundancy
  • Advising on and completing Compromise Agreements

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Company Services & General Contract Law

  • Setting up limited companies
  • Setting up self-employment
  •  Partnership / Shareholders’ Agreements
  •  Preparing building contracts
  •  Advice on contracts and their termination as well as consequences of breach of contract

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Criminal Law / European Arrest Warrants

If you or a friend needs legal assistance in the field of criminal law, our lawyers and barristers provide effective help. We cooperate with law firms in Poland.

The European Arrest Warrant (EAW), a simplified form of extradition existing between the Member States of the European Union, enabling the arrest of a person suspected or accused of committing a crime or already convicted of a crime and surrendering him to the country where he will be brought to trial or sent for execution to the previously ordered penalties.


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Receive professional support to reach the best solutions, according to their expectations. We do not consider there are more or less important matters, due to our approach our clients are mostly satisfied, that being a basis of our professional contentment. Our clients would receive professional support for to reach the best solutions possible, according to their expectations.

Steel Associates

We cooperate with our partners in the UK and Poland, inter alia notary public, barristers, certified translators, investigators, mediators, accountants and experts. Due to our international cooperation, we are able to propose comprehensive and professional services in law and finance.


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Contact us today:

07500 123 146
0203 8118 618 (polish speaking line)

Contact us today:

07500 123 146
0203 8118 618
(polish speaking line)

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Only professional and well experienced lawyer will effectively resolve legal disputes.

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